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It doesn’t matter if you are a first-time property buyer or an individual with perfect credit. Here at Your Rate Guy, we ensure our clients gain access to the best mortgage products, rates and terms. Give our mortgage broker in Pickering a call today to find out more details.

Professional advice and guidance from a reputable Pickering mortgage broker

We aim to help clients get top-quality, professional mortgage advice and guidance, making sure they choose the right product so that they can get approved at fantastic low rates to suit their specific financial needs. From commercial to residential mortgage solutions, our mortgage broker in Pickering does it all. Even when traditional lenders have turned you away because of your credit history, we will take upon the challenge and secure the best rates and terms for you. For further enquiries, please give our team a call today.

About Your Rate Guy

With years of experience in the mortgage industry, we pride ourselves on helping clients secure favourable mortgage rates and terms by addressing every query and concern. Our wide access to a host of lenders coupled with our personalized mortgage solutions is guaranteed to meet your requirements based on your current financial situation.
By choosing us, you can gain access to several mortgage options with just a call away. We do all the heavy lifting and work on your behalf. Regardless of whether it is a bank or a private lender, we will identify the right lender based on your current needs.

Why work with the mortgage experts in Pickering at Your Rate Guy?

Assisting you in these stressful yet exciting times

Securing the house of your dreams can be both stressful and exciting. From property prices skyrocketing to bidding wars and much more. It can be hard to secure a competitive mortgage rate and terms. This experience can dampen their spirits for some and might want to prolong the homebuying process.
At Your Rate Guy, we strongly believe just like any other life achievement, buying a house should be a positive and memorable experience. Our mortgage broker in Pickering will make the process as stress-free and simple as possible, so that you enjoy the process every step of the way.
Whether it is your first or second property, our Pickering mortgage brokers have assisted several clients with property financing, including providing excellent insight into Pickering’s current mortgage rates and property market. Our mortgage brokers have a wealth of experience in commercial and residential mortgages. To find out more information, talk with our team today.
In essence, a mortgage is simply a loan, it usually takes between 15 to 30 years for it to be paid out. For a few, it can take a lifetime. The key to paying out a mortgage well before time is proper planning. It also ensures that it does not become a financial strain in the longer run. A down payment is an initial payment that is made upfront. The monthly mortgage amount is reduced by the down payment amount made. Don’t worry, at Your Rate Guy, our mortgage brokers will explain clearly these details to you, so that you are aware and always kept in the loop.

Backed by a reliable team of Pickering mortgage brokers

Being a reputable mortgage brokerage firm, you can rest assured; that you are backed by a team of reliable mortgage brokers to make your home-buying experience hassle-free and straightforward. Before you get your mortgage approved, you might have a few questions. What are the fixed and variable payments? What are the rates? How long does the approval process take? Our team will patiently walk you through all these terms so that you are making a well-informed decision.
Most clients always get confused about the term and amortization period. The former is the time and the mortgage rate you initially signed for, and the latter is the time provided to pay off the entire loan amount through monthly mortgage repayments.
Most mortgage brokers in Pickering will make you promises that they can’t uphold, our team of brokers will make sure they keep a promise that they can deliver. We will be transparent with you about our deals. We do not engage in any salesman tactics. Speak to our team today to schedule an initial consultation.

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With access to several lenders, both traditional and private, we can shop around for the best rates and terms. Our solid reputation in the industry gives us an edge over our competitors. We regularly secure low rates and favourable terms for our clients. To book an appointment or to find out more, get in touch.
To request a free estimate on our mortgage service, call us at (647) 241-6652


To maximize your home equity loan and get the lowest rates possible, you should ensure your credit score is the best it can be. Check your credit report for any errors that could pull down your score.

If you have overdue bills or your credit cards are maxed out, settle your debts before applying for a home equity loan. You will be rewarded with better rates if you can bump your credit rating from fair to good or good to excellent. This could result in thousands of dollars in savings.

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