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Even though traditional lenders like banks advertise low rates, the truth is, it is not their lowest rate available. Our mortgage brokers in Scarborough will do all the heavy lifting and shop around for the lowest rates and favourable terms, helping you save money in the process. Because of our industry experience, we have built a fantastic rapport with various lenders in Scarborough making sure you get approved for a mortgage quickly. To find out more information, give our team a call today.

Doing all the heavy lifting

If you are looking to get your mortgage request approved quickly, then look no further than Your Rate Guy. Instead of you spending valuable time dealing with paperwork, we will take care of all that hassle, while you focus on getting ready to move into your dream home. We pride ourselves on getting clients’ deals closed as swiftly as possible at competitive pricing. For further enquiries or residential mortgages, talk with our mortgage broker in Scarborough today.

Reliable mortgage brokers in Scarborough

Residents of Scarborough who are looking to purchase a house and gain the most out of their investment may face a lot of challenges. In this unstable economy, mortgage rates fluctuate, and it can be a challenge as well as stressful to choose the right mortgage lender at the right time. However, it takes a lot of due diligence to secure a fantastic mortgage. Having a reputable Scarborough mortgage broker from Your Rate Guy helps in making sure the process is simple and straightforward.
Property buyers will spend countless hours interacting with several mortgage companies and still won’t have a full understanding of the mortgage terms and conditions. Furthermore, our mortgage brokers will take time out to understand your specific needs and provide you with a host of solutions to help you make an educated decision.
Home buyers in Scarborough prefer buying a house rather than renting it. Our mortgage brokers have the knowledge and skills to help secure prime and subprime mortgages for residents. Your Rate Guy helps you get approved for your first or second mortgage in a matter of minutes or days based on the client’s documents and financial situation. With years of experience in the business, we pride ourselves on securing the best mortgage rates available for our clients. This empowers you to take advantage of the financial rewards of investing in your property.
Additionally, we also offer expert guidance on debt consolidation and other financial services to help you eliminate debt. In recent years, the city of Scarborough has become an exciting destination for Canadians and people across the world to invest in property here.
Experts in mortgage refinancing
Refinancing your property is as similar to when getting a new loan. With our help, you do not have to stress about mortgage refinancing. We will ensure the process is straightforward and stress-free.
Why choose the Scarborough mortgage brokers are Your Rate Guy?

Expert mortgage advice from trusted professionals

We are your trusted mortgage broker in Scarborough that provides expert advice based on your current financial situation and needs. Our reliable team will provide an initial no-obligation consultation to help you understand and help make a well-informed decision. If you are still unsure, you can use a mortgage calculator to derive an estimate to help you get on your way.
Choosing the correct mortgage product can save you thousands of dollars, and with our expertise, you can make a well-informed decision. We always keep the best interests of our clients in mind and work diligently to achieve a better outcome. Our customer service is something we take pride in, and it is a true testament to our place in the mortgage industry. You can rest assured; that the team will guide you at every stage of the mortgage process ensuring you are expectations are met.

You don’t need to wait any longer!

Here at Your Rate Guy, we have the lives of our clients easier by offering top-class mortgage brokerage solutions that are unmatched. We aim to find the right mortgage product for your specific requirements and always have your best interests at heart. That is why we allow you to choose from a plethora of lenders to help find a product that is tailored to your needs.
If you would like to get your mortgage application request approved swiftly and professionally, please do not hesitate to speak to our mortgage broker in Scarborough today.
Call our mortgage broker in Scarborough today at (647) 241-6652 to apply for a loan.


To maximize your home equity loan and get the lowest rates possible, you should ensure your credit score is the best it can be. Check your credit report for any errors that could pull down your score.

If you have overdue bills or your credit cards are maxed out, settle your debts before applying for a home equity loan. You will be rewarded with better rates if you can bump your credit rating from fair to good or good to excellent. This could result in thousands of dollars in savings.

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